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fisherwife: (When you get to his house) (Default)
  • When you get to his house
Comment: follow your instincts. Find the cat first.
fisherwife: credit @ icontime (Kept telling the ambulance to sit down)
  • Kept telling the ambulance to sit down
Comment: and then started crying when we told her it couldn't hear her
Description: credit @ icontime
fisherwife: (I'm no doctor but)
  • I'm no doctor but
Comment: I don't think balls are supposed to look like that.
fisherwife: (Are we just not gonna talk about)
  • Are we just not gonna talk about
Comment: how you got so drunk that you swallowed someone's pet gold fish, whole?
fisherwife: (he kinda resembled a guppy fish.)
  • he kinda resembled a guppy fish.
Comment: I just couldn't go home with him after that
fisherwife: (other than the jail part)
  • other than the jail part
Comment: I had a really good time with you
fisherwife: (I don't think tits)
  • I don't think tits
Comment: should taste like fish
fisherwife: (Let us rub each other in fish scales)
  • Let us rub each other in fish scales
Comment: and become mermaids
fisherwife: (he kept doing his monologue)
  • he kept doing his monologue
Comment: "if a vagina could talk."
fisherwife: (He's at the gym.)
  • He's at the gym.
Comment: He likes to get high and swim cause it makes him feel like a fish.
fisherwife: (you slapped the bag of goldfish away)
  • you slapped the bag of goldfish away
Comment: and screamed, "BITCH THIS AINT NO AQUARIUM". That's how fucked up
fisherwife: (He painted a swimsuit on me.)
  • He painted a swimsuit on me.
Comment: Naked day at the lake was a success.
fisherwife: (The joke is on me)
  • The joke is on me
Comment: because whale penis is forever in my search history.
fisherwife: (Your noise violation report)
  • Your noise violation report
Comment: contains the word "five-some"...wtf happened in here?
fisherwife: (the cops are being surprisingly chill)
  • the cops are being surprisingly chill
Comment: about him hanging from a tree with no pants.